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Pivotal Vitality Consultancy wasn’t built over a day. This is a thought process which is a product of regressive analysis and feasibility studies in the domains of education and employment. Mr. Rahul Deshpande, the Co-Founder and the CEO of the company, has been in the field of Human Resources for more than a period of 5 years. He has seen the process of recruitments very closely and on the other side he also acknowledges the fact that Human Resources are irreplaceable asset to an organization. Having understood the Industry and the functioning of Human Resource Department, he starting working on a model that may come up as a one stop solution to the career of the aspirants and an ease of recruitments for the companies.
The identified findings of the research were that there are two segments in this process. One is the aspirant with a certain set of competencies/skills and the other is the recruiter who wants a certain skill set. So, the very first value proposition that formulated for Pivotal Vitality Consultancy was the right match of career opportunities to be matched with the right candidate i.e. to find the right job fit. The story doesn’t end here. The vision was way wider and clear. Making the right opportunities available for the deserving candidate was not the only goal instead making a candidate job fir was the other value proposition of the idea. In this process, the candidates who miss out on opportunities due to some lack of competencies, Pivotal Vitality Consultancy help them in every manner to make them fit as a deserving candidate. Hence, Pivotal Vitality Consultancy delivers a solution which believes in overall personality development and an assurance of right job for that classified personality.

 CEO Speaks

Mr. Rahul Deshpande says, “I consider this my fortune that I am able to find the right solution to the biggest problem in India i.e. Unemployment. People believe in creating more jobs to solve this problem, I believe in making people more competent for the jobs and eventually landing them to a decent career. Being in the domain of HR, I have experienced the need of this ‘build and match solution’. Since I am now ready with every of my plan and resources, I start my campaign to make India grow high on employment and a better place to live in.”

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