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It is great to be open to life, experiences, people and things. And it is wonderful to throw open your arms and say YES. Sometimes, that is. There is actually more power in knowing when and how to say NO. And in many situations the best and healthiest decision is the one that leads to a refusal. It is saying NO that lets you define and protect your boundaries.

Having boundaries is a necessity. Boundaries say w ... Read More


Nearly two years ago my colleague Owain put together a blog recommending the Top 10 Must-read SAP Blogs. Now in 2013, we’d like to give you an update and list some of the most important blogs around SAP’s 5 pillar strategy. Add these 10 blogs to your bookmark and you’ll make sure to never miss out on important content and updates around Cloud, Mobility, Analytics and In-Memory Computing, especially SAP HANA. And we’ve provided the link ... Read More


Natural Language Processing tools for Chatbots Language understanding tools have the capacity to make chatbots smarter. These tools are designed to enhance the communication capabilities of the chatbots. The ability to understand the sentiment, create an automatic summary and find a relationship between the topics. All these abilities can make your chatbot much more effective for the users. Here are 5 NLP tool choices that can help your chatb ... Read More


How Machine learning is evolving music streaming personalization As mentioned earlier, music-streaming companies are using a variety of AI technologies to make song discovery advanced and personalized. Here are three major technologies revolutionizing the music-streaming industry. 1. NLP or Natural Language Processing NLP enables algorithms to understand human language. APIs are used for sentiment analysis, which harnesses the meaning beh ... Read More


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